Newsletter 2 EBP e-Toolkit Project & ENCLEBP

Know the ENCLEBP

The European Nursing Virtual Centre for Learning Evidence-Based Practice (ENCLEBP) was created with the aim of promoting and harmonizing the teaching and learning of Evidence-Based Practice in European nursing curricula and to promote the continuing education of nursing professionals in this field.

With the development of the ENCLEBP we intend to guarantee the dissemination and sustainability of the Erasmus + Project of the European Union that has allowed its development.

The ENCLEBP serves as a platform to facilitate and improve transnational academic cooperation between European and non-European countries in the teaching and learning of evidence-based practice (EBP). 

To this end, we offer free online resources and a free multilingual online training course integrated in the web platform “EBP e-Toolkit”.  The methodology developed in the fully online EBP e-Toolkit and organized in learning modules will facilitate autonomous learning for those who want to train themselves and incorporation into face-to-face learning by educators. It also includes summary reports on the outputs and outcomes of the EBP e-Toolkit project.

The ENCLEBP has been developed with the work and collaboration of 6 European academic institutions and international expert professors in teaching and learning EBP in nursing. The participating centres have been: University of Murcia (Spain), Hellenic University of the Mediterranean (Greece), University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (Italy), University of Ostrava (Czech Republic), Medical University of Warsaw (Poland) and Angela Boskin Faculty of Health Sciences (Slovenia).

Goals of the Centre

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Open Educational Resource (OER)

The Open Educational Resource (OER) is the 2nd Output of the EBP eToolkit Project. This is an online library that includes all types of online and free licensed resources related to Evidence-based Practice (EBP), focus on nurses learning.

Target audience are nursing students, nurses, educators, and nurses in general interested in learning EBP.

You will find open-access resources in different formats to learn and practice EBP. They are available in English and all the 6 languages of the EBP eToolkit project partner’s members (Spanish, Greek, Italian, Polish, Czech and Slovene).

A rigorous and exhaustive evaluation of the resources’ quality were carried out. This means that each resource was evaluated scoring from 0 till 32 and resources were included with minimum 12 points.

OER platform permit to search resources through the access to the 7 EBP steps categories and subcategories (see menu below) or filter by categories, language, quality score, format or target user group.

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