European Nursing virtual Centre for Learning Evidence Based Practice


European Nursing Centre for Learning Evidence-based Practice (ENCLEBP) is supported by 6 European academic Institutions and international experts in teaching and learning EBP in nursing as a result of the EBP e-Toolkit Erasmus+ project.

The Centre offers a website platform with open access resources and free materials on EBP organized in learning modules.

The methodology developed in a EBP e-Toolkit will facilitate self-learning and the incorporation in face-to-face learning by educators. Also it includes summary reports regarding the outputs and results of the EBP e-Toolkit Project.


Aims of the ENCLEBP

  • To provide an international centre for teaching and learning related to EBP in Nursing
  • To facilitate collaboration between nursing educators working in similar areas across Europe
  • To stimulate and support nursing students and nurses by learning EBP
  • To support lifelong learning in Evidence-based Practice in Nursing

EBP e-Toolkit

EBP e-Toolkit Project is a Strategic Partnership of six European higher education institutions in the framework of the Erasmus+ programme: The University of Murcia (Spain), the Hellenic Mediterranean University (Greece), the University of Modena e Reggio Emilia (Italy), the University of Ostrava (Czech Republic), the Medical University of Warsaw (Poland), and the Angela Boskin Faculty of Health Care (Slovenia). The project is to be carried out over three years and the Consortium seeks to promote and harmonize the teaching and learning of Evidence Based Practice in the European nursing curricula.

The objective is to promote the acquisition of EBP competences earlier in professional careers, which can then be continued for lifelong self-directed learning, including for nurse educators and clinical mentors. To achieve this goal, the partner institutions of this project are analysing the current situation of EBP in European nursing curricula in order to agree on a European EBP competency framework, and to develop guidelines on recommendations for the teaching and learning of EBP in the European nursing curriculum.

According to the recommendations of this preliminary work we plan to develop an EBP e-Toolkit that will include an e-course and an open electronic resources library with a pedagogical strategy for the learning and training of EBP in nursing, oriented at undergraduate nursing students and professional nurses. We will validate the innovative educational intervention using the EBP e-Toolkit among nursing students and nurse educators (academic and clinical mentors). The EBP e-Toolkit will be culturally adapted and made available in different languages included English.

Finally, the Consortium involved in the project will establish a European Nursing Centre for Learning Evidence-Based Practice (ENCLEBP), to guarantee the dissemination and sustainability of the project, and to facilitate and improve transnational academic cooperation between European countries and non-European countries. We invite all the educative institutions, professional associations, healthcare systems, nurses and midwives, students or professionals, to follow the progress of this exciting project by visiting, to get to grips with the EPB e-Toolkit, and to enjoy learning about EBP.