The European project #EBPeToolkit launches the Open Educational Resources (OER), an online resource for Evidence-Based Practice

OER is an online library that includes all types of online and free licensed resources related to Evidence-based Practice (EBP), focus on nurses learning. Target audience are nursing students, nurses, educators, and nurses in general interested in learning EBP.

You will find open-access resources in different formats to learn and practice EBP. They are available in English and all the 6 languages of the EBP eToolkit project partner’s members (Spanish, Greek, Italian, Polish, Czech and Slovene).

A rigorous and exhaustive evaluation of the resources’ quality were carried out. This means that each resource was evaluated scoring from 0 till 32 and resources were included with minimum score of 12 points. OER platform permit to search resources through the access to the 7 EBP steps categories and subcategories or filter by categories, language, quality score, format or target user group.