The European Nursing Virtual Centre for Learning Evidence-Based Practice (ENCLEBP) was created with the aim of promoting and harmonizing the teaching and learning of Evidence-Based Practice in European nursing curricula and to promote the continuing education of nursing professionals in this field.

With the development of the ENCLEBP we intend to guarantee the dissemination and sustainability of the Erasmus + Project of the European Union that has allowed its development

The ENCLEBP serves as a platform to facilitate and improve transnational academic cooperation between European and non-European countries in the teaching and learning of evidence-based practice (EBP). 

To this end, we offer free online resources and a free multilingual online training course integrated in the web platform “EBP e-Toolkit”.  The methodology developed in the fully online EBP e-Toolkit and organized in learning modules will facilitate autonomous learning for those who want to train themselves and incorporation into face-to-face learning by educators. It also includes summary reports on the outputs and outcomes of the EBP e-Toolkit project.

The ENCLEBP has been developed with the work and collaboration of 6 European academic institutions and international expert professors in teaching and learning EBP in nursing. The participating centres have been: University of Murcia (Spain), Hellenic University of the Mediterranean (Greece), University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (Italy), University of Ostrava (Czech Republic), Medical University of Warsaw (Poland) and Angela Boskin Faculty of Health Sciences (Slovenia).

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We invite all educational institutions, professional associations, healthcare systems, nurses and midwives, students or professionals to get to know ENCLEBP and enjoy learning about EBP.


Evidence-based Practice (EBP) is a problem-solving approach to clinical decision making that integrates the best available scientific evidence with clinical experience and patient’s preferences and values.

EBP has been declared a professional responsibility and a central characteristic of nurses’ work. In addition, health systems are constantly evolving and becoming more complex. This requires more competent professionals, equipped with knowledge and skills that allow them to make the best choice for and with the patient.

Therefore, the ENCLEBP’s main mission is to promote and facilitate the acquisition and improvement of Evidence-based Practice competencies through self-learning. It is aimed at nursing students, academic teachers and clinical practice tutors, as well as all nursing professionals interested in EBP.

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