The European virtual Nursing Centre for Evidence-Based Practice Learning (ENCLEBP) is a structure of the University of Murcia, with the participation of academic institutions at European level (Spain, Greece, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic and Slovenia) and international experts in the teaching and learning of Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) in Nursing.

The ENCLEBP has been created to support the teaching and learning of the EBP, being financed with the Erasmus+ Program project “EBP e-Toolkit: Providing a Teaching and Learning open and innovative toolkit for Evidence-Based Practice to Nursing European Curriculum” Nº 2018-1-ES01-KA203-050216. The ENCLEBP will contribute to its maintenance and sustainability.

In the ENCLEBP you will find the EBP- e-Toolkit that includes free online learning materials about the EBP in 7 different languages including English. If you want to update your competency on EBP, you will be able to take free online courses, access online documents and resources and obtain a certificate that accredits your learning.

The ENCLEBP also wants to support teachers and trainers in EBP, the EBP e-Toolkit can be used as support material for teaching PBE.

In addition, the Centre will provide information, recommendations on competencies in EBP and research results related to teaching, learning and use of the EBP. And it will serve as a platform for the exchange of knowledge between stakeholders in EBP in the European and international context.